Introducing SRP App
John_2 John Fitzpatrick
August 14, 2015
John_2 John Fitzpatrick
August 14, 2015
Every time we attend a meeting, a list of new todo items is created and assigned. What's missing from the picture is a good way to track that list and make sure the Single Responsible Person (SRP) to which each item was assigned gets the work done. Check it out for the web or for iPhone and iPad
SRP App is the perfect tool to track your meetings, attendees, and todo action items. SRP App will track those meetings whether they are entirely internal to your organization or shared between organizations and even individuals. Through SRP App's innovate account structure, meetings are "owned" by their creator, but the attendees can be from anywhere. 
SRP App, from Enable Labs, tracks your meetings, meeting attendees, action items, and the Single Responsible Person to which each action item is assigned.
Create Meetings
Create meetings either as you have them, or ahead of time, and invite the other attendees to the meeting. 
Meeting List
Your list of meetings will show you at a glance your recent meetings, who attended, the date and the status of the assigned todo items.
The meeting screen is where the real action happens. On the meeting screen, you can do any of the following:
  - View the current meeting attendees
  - Add meeting attendees from a list of people with whom you've previously met (associates), or invite someone new to the meeting.
  - View of a list of the meeting's todo action items.
  - Add and assign new todo action items.
Action Item List
When viewing a list of action items, you can view just the ones assigned to you, or all action items from the meetings you've attended as well as to whom they are assigned, their due date (if any), and their status.
Action Item
When viewing a single action item, you can see its status, to whom it is assigned, its due date, and description. 
Additional Features
   - Set account colors to differentiate meetings belonging to your account from meetings belonging to others.
   - Set and update your avatar so that you and your associates can tell who a todo action item is assigned.
   - Filter your list screens (meetings and action items) to suite your particular working style.
Ultimate Portability and Flexibility
SRP App is both a native mobile and responsive web application. Use the mobile app on the go and the browser version in meetings and at work. Your meetings and todo action items will be with you wherever you log into SRP App.

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