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Market Art, the makers of the "You are Here" site mapping and engagement software for expos, saw an opportunity to develop a new service for complete expo lifecycle management. Market Art's development practices were outdated and needed updating to sustain their development cycle.

Enable Labs worked with the Market Art development team to create The Market Art Event Management System (Market Art EMS). Market Art EMS is a web application for managing expositions including floor layout, booth placement, reservations, contracting, custom pricing, and much more.

Market Art's existing "You are Here" product was written in a mixture of PHP and Flash. When Market Art decided to develop their new Event Management System, they decided to use Ruby on Rails, Test Driven Development, and agile methodologies.

Market Art came to Enable Labs for mentoring, training and augmentation of their team to enable them to come up to speed on Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Test Driven Development. Adopting Ruby on Rails and Test Driven Development was a complete paradigm shift for Market Art. Working hand-in-hand with the Market Art team at our facility accelerated them through the process of adopting new techniques, and put Market Art on a solid path to continue the development of their product internally.

Market Art: Screen Shot

Technologies Used

  • Languages:
    • Ruby (Ruby on Rails, Sass, HAML, Cucumber, RSpec)
    • Javascript (jQuery)
  • Development Tools:
    • Sublime
    • Mac
  • Deployment:
    • SalesForce.com Integration
    • Linux
  • Databases:
    • MySQL

Client Comments

“Pairing with Enable's Team has opened my mind to the benefits of Test Driven Development and the power of Ruby. Not only do I feel much more confident about the decisions I make and the code I write, but also that our product is rock solid."

Erik Straub – Developer at MarketArt Inc.

"Working with Enable Labs has been a tremendous asset in bringing MarketArt’s product from concept to release.As a developer, I worked together with some of Enable’s very knowledgeable developers in a pair coding environment. We tackled many complex issues including support for legacy PHP applications and a multi tenant user management system. I am very confident in our choice of working with Enable Labs as well as the decision to switch to Ruby on Rails. They did extremely well bringing myself and my coworker up to speed with Rails and have been paramount in building a strong, tested foundation for our new web application."

Chad Calhoun - Head of Development at MarketArt

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