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Stein Fibers was running on an aging, custom-written ERP system that lacked vendor support. They were in need of a replacement system that could be modernized and updated to serve their current business needs.

Enable Labs designed a complete business operations system for managing the supply chain operations of Stein Fibers using a web-based, and hand-held front end and a relational database backend.

Quadran was a complete replacement for a system Stein Fibers had used for over five years. Replacing a legacy system, sometimes known as the "big rewrite", is always a great challenge. The Enable Labs team dug in to understand the issues facing Stein Fibers and judiciously worked with the Stein Fibers staff to replace all of the existing functionality of their legacy system, while at the same time improving the overall user experience, updating the system architecture, improving the tool chain, and adding significant functionality. The system includes an iPhone interface for mobile workers.

Quadran has been in continuous use by Stein Fibers since 2007 and has undergone extensive extension and adaptation since its original launch. Enable Labs continues to work with Stein Fibers adding functionality to Quadran and extending its reach and enabling Stein Fibers' operations to grow.

Stein Fibers

Technologies Used

  • Languages:
    • Java (JPA, Spring, Struts 2)
    • Groovy
    • Ruby (JRuby, Ruby on Rails, Cucumber, RSpec)
    • Objective-C
    • Javascript (jQuery, prototype)
  • Development Tools:
    • Maven
    • Sublime
    • Mac
  • Deployment:
    • Jetty
    • Email Intergration
    • Linux
    • iPhone, iOS
  • Databases:
    • MySQL

Client Comments

“Enable Labs has completely turned our business around with inventory, shipping both inbound and out, Freight costs, pricing from vendors an to customers, just in time shipping, sales contracts and much more. We would recommend Mark and his team to do work for your company. Any questions, please contact me."

Chip Stein, Co. - Owner at Stein Fibers, Ltd.


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