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At Enable Labs, we have a business mindset. At the end of the day, business comes down to commerce, the exchange of goods and services for money. E-commerce can be a small component of a larger project or the project's raison d'etre. We have extensive experience with both extremes. Here are some issues faced by e-commerce.

Centrally located in the heart of New York's Tech Valley, Enable Labs can provide these services to businesses located in or operating in Accord, NY. Many of our staff were born and raised in upstate New York and know Accord well. As you can see listed below, Enable Labs has a lot to offer the businesses of Accord, NY. Contact us at 866.895.8189 to get started.

Catalog Management

Setting up and running an online e-commerce presence can be brilliantly simple or brutally painful (just ask anyone who's sold one more of something than they have through their eBay store.) In the end, it often comes down to managing your catalog of products. and how that integrates into your online presence.

Shopping Carts

Whether it's called a basket, bag, or a cart, shopping carts are an important part of any e-commerce solution and not all are created equal. Customers may need to keep carts for days before they check out. Some customers might be a group of accounts each adding to a single cart before the purchaser ultimately checks out the order.

Custom Themes

Some e-commerce solutions are unique to the business using them, while others are more of a white-label solution (i.e., the same software with different products and a different look and feel.)

Inventory Control

Unless you're selling an unlimited supply of virtual items, inventory control is an important part of any e-commerce solution. What the software does can depend greatly on whether the item is unique, limited, plentiful or virtual.

Coupon Codes

Coupon codes have become an important part of any e-commerce presence and are often a key indicator of the success or failure of the related advertising campaign. Enable Labs can work with you to create a coupon code solution that works for you. Whether you want generic codes usable by anyone or unique codes restricted to limited usage or a single individual, we can help.

Online Order Management

When a customer places an online order, the process is just beginning. A decent e-commerce solution needs to provide the end user the ability to track both the progress of the order and the resulting shipment. It also needs to give you, the vendor, the ability to manage the order fullfillment workflow.

Admin Console

Any e-commerce platform needs an easy navigate administrative console for site managers and site workers to operate their store proficiently. The console needs to understand the permissions of the users and limit functionality accordingly.


Similar to custom themes, one of the hottest trends in e-commerce is the building of marketplaces. Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc are all working to put together customers and suppliers. They take their cut for helping to facilitate the deals. Enable Labs can make you a player in this lucrative space.

Discounts and Sales

'Cyber Monday', 'Free Shipping Until ....', etc. are phrases familiar to anyone who's spent more than five minutes online. A good e-commerce solution needs to recognize discounts for a variety of reasons (e.g., purchase total) as well as the ability to schedule sales to run anywhere from hours to days long and well in advance to coordinate with advertising.

Payment Processing

Payment processing is the most important part of any e-commerce project and the solutions can be quite varied. Everything from direct communication with banks, to paypal integration, to sending an invoice along with the shipment are possible solutions.

Realtime Shipment Pricing

Shipping costs can vary based on weight, distance, method and timing. Don't give your e-commerce customers a bunch of charts and a lengthy explanation! Just give them a choice of method and timing and let the system tell them the price.

State of the Art Technology

E-commerce is one of the most attractive targets for fraud and hacking. You need a solution that is current, secure, and complies with the latest regulations.


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