Our Promise

At Enable Labs, we promise consistency. Every part of your project will be delivered with the same care and eye toward quality as any other part. We use Test Driven Development (TDD) to ensure that once a feature is written, it is done correctly, and, more importantly, it stays correct.


At Enable Labs, we promise transparency. Every part of our development process is transparent to the client: we manage the list of functions to be developed in collaboration with the client; we invite the client to work in our office; and, we practice continuous deployment so the client can see the work as it progresses. We don't consider a function complete until a client has reviewed and approved it.


At Enable Labs, we promise honesty, and, to be frank, this sometimes costs us work. We give honest estimates of what we believe a project will cost. We tell you as soon as possible if we believe those estimates need to change.

However, we also do only the work that truly needs to be done. We embrace delivery of what we call the MVP or Minimum Viable Product. We want you to get to market fast, we want you to be getting feedback from your users, and we want to initial project to cost you as little as possible.


At Enable Labs, we promise results. At every step in our development process, there are concrete deliverables. Typically, within the first week of developing your project, you will see the software deployed to a server and be able to watch the project come together in real time.


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