Marlboro Software Development

Enable Labs' personnel have been engaged in software development for as much as 25 years in some individual cases. What software can be written to do is only limited by your imagination. This page contains examples of the software development our personnel are experienced with doing.

Centrally located in the heart of New York's Tech Valley, Enable Labs can provide these services to businesses located in or operating in Marlboro, NY. Many of our staff were born and raised in upstate New York and know Marlboro well. As you can see listed below, Enable Labs has a lot to offer the businesses of Marlboro, NY. Contact us at 866.895.8189 to get started.

Project Management

Software development for the purpose of managing projects from identifying and prioritizing tasks to delegating and tracking the parties responsible.

Event Management

Software development to aid in the tracking and management of events, speakers, exhibitors and their attendees.

Data Harvesting

Software development to gather data through web scraping as well as integration with third-party APIs and feeds.

Sales Projections

Software development to aid in the analysis of sales trends and the recording of projections to facilitate supply-chain management.

Discussion Systems

Software development to enable discussion between users of the software and between software systems.

Inventory Management

Software development targeted to the tracking and managing of inventory -- both what's in stock and what should be.

User Management

Software development components to track users of a software system, their contact info, permissions and other attributes.

Custom Social Networks

Software development components designed to facilitate communication and relationships between its users.

Workflow Processing

Software development to both track a workflow process and aid in executing that process.

Email Integration

Software development designed to integrate your project with third-party email services or your own mail server.

Web Scraping

Software development to aid in the gathering of public data from third party websites for analysis, aggregation and reporting.

Member Management

Software development components to facilitate the tracking of an organizations members, thier contact information, membership fees, etc.

Supply Chain Management

Software development to manage the entire supply chain, from procurement through manufacturing and on to delivery.

Sales Force Automation

Software development to aid sales personnel in the execution of their work helping to turn contacts into prospects, prospects into leads and leads into deals.

Shipment Tracking

Software development to facilitate the tracking of shipments, shipping documents, bills of lading, etc.

Call Tracking

Software development to track clients and call history with those clients.


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