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  • “Enable Labs has completely turned our business around with inventory, shipping both inbound and out, freight costs, pricing from vendors and to customers, just in time shipping, sales contracts and much more. We would recommend Mark and his team to do work for your company. Any questions, please contact me."
    Chip Stein, Co. - Owner at Stein Fibers, Ltd.
  • “I contracted with Enable Labs for their MORI membership management system. I was very impressed the analytical problem solving approach of Mark Menard. We required additional enhancements to the system and all was delivered on time and on budget. I can say that this was the best experience I have ever had with software development."
    Michael A. DeWolf - Grand Secretary / COO at Grand Lodge F&AM of WI
  • “Mark and his team developed and provided a membership management database for our organization, which has more than 100,000 members and more than 500 local lodges. The benefits of his program have revolutionized our data collection and preservation processes. Our local and state leaders love the program; our auditors are receiving better information; and our staff is able, with this technology, to save money on a variety of projects. Mark's cooperation and technical savvy have made these benefits possible for us. We are truly pleased."
    George O. Braatz - Grand Secretary Emeritus at Grand Lodge F&AM of Ohio
  • "Mark is competent, motivated and professional, as well as a willing and valuable contributor to the Tech Valley tech community. He delivered an impressive marathon track on Ruby & dynamic languages at Tech Valley Code Camp 2009, packing the room for every session except when up against an iPhone presentation in the room next door."
    Andrew Badera - Co-organizer at Tech Valley Code Camp 2009
  • “Mark gave me my start in the IT industry, with out him, I would not have the career I have today. He is, to date, one of the best managers I have ever worked for. His ability to clearly and succinctly explain project objectives, and then manage that workflow is one of his great features. Oh, and he's a very capable programmer, who writes very well documented code, I learned much from him in Perl and PHP. Additionally, and most importantly, his professional ethics and morals are of the highest I have ever encountered in my 10 years within the IT industry. I also worked with Mark Menard at the ATEC Group."
    Chris Lamitie - Help Desk / Webmaster at Capital NET / Logical NET
  • “I have known and worked with Mark for over 12 years, beginning with my entry into the Internet Service Provider realm while at Mid-Hudson Online. I continue to look to him to this day for counsel and advice, as I truly feel that his mentorship, leadership, and friendship have helped bring me to the successes that I currently realize. Mark's technical expertise, coupled with his management capabilities, has made for an extremely valuable combination not often seen in the business world. Mark is as comfortable in the boardroom as he is at the keyboard, able to articulate business objectives at the C level, and then translate those objectives into working code. This combination makes him a rare commodity and a valuable business asset to any organization, who I would be proud to work with."
    Mark Herrick - Director of Security at Road Runner
  • “Pairing with Enable's Team has opened my mind to the benefits of Test Driven Development and the power of Ruby. Not only do I feel much more confident about the decisions I make and the code I write, but also that our product is rock solid."
    Erik Straub – Developer at MarketArt Inc.
  • “Yes, Enable Labs can build that."
    Jack McDade – UI/UX Designer & Application Developer at JackMcDade.com
  • "Enable Labs worked on a recent project for us and we were absolutely blown away by their client service. We outlined the process to start and then received daily updates for the duration of the project. They were very concerned with our wishes and gave us complete control of the project while providing valuable feedback and direction. Enable Lab's team brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and each member of the team is an expert in their respective field. We would work with them again in a heartbeat!"
    Dan Cody - Owner at Imaginapp LLC
  • "Working with Enable Labs has been a tremendous asset in bringing MarketArt’s product from concept to release. As a developer, I worked together with some of Enable’s very knowledgeable developers in a pair coding environment. We tackled many complex issues including support for legacy PHP applications and a multi tenant user management system. I am very confident in our choice of working with Enable Labs as well as the decision to switch to Ruby on Rails. They did extremely well bringing myself and my coworker up to speed with Rails and have been paramount in building a strong, tested foundation for our new web application."
    Chad Calhoun – Head of Development at MarketArt
  • Introducing SRP App

    Every time we attend a meeting, a list of new todo items is created and assigned. What's missing from the picture is a good way to track that list and make sure the Single Responsible Person (SRP) to which each item was assigned gets the work done. Check it out for the web or for iPhone and iPad

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  • Mark Menard to Speak at Wicked Good Ruby Conference

    Mark Menard has been selected to speak at the Wicked Good Ruby Conference at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, MA on Columbus Day Weekend. Mark's talk will focus on JRuby and the lessons learned running JRuby in a production environment for the past 6 years.

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  • In Pursuit of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    An approach to application development that is, by definition, just enough of the core features of an idea to express your idea in a way that it can be consumed and evaluated by users. There are several reasons that justify this approach including: return on investment, responsiveness, fail fast philosophy, and code base agility.

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